We have the IN  -  HOUSE CAPABILIties  FOR:

Combustion Gas Analysis of Boiler Effluent Flows.

High Speed Data Logging Anemometer.

FLIR Exxx Thermal Imaging Camera System.

Video Boroscope with recording capabilities

Infrared Thermal Measuring device (HighTemp).

Infrared Photography and High Speed Videography at the following nanometer wavelengths:

~ > 600 nm.

~ > 690 nm.

~ > 900 nm.

Video recordings in challenging environments in visible and infrared spectrums. (Boiler Fires). 

Acoustic Analysis.

Photographic Analysis.

We are willing to rent special instrumentation if needed for the extra challenging project.

management consulting:

Root Cause Failure Analysis whether Human or Equipment.

Human Performance Culture Change.

Human Error Prevention Programs.

Environmental Compliance Assistance.

Technical consulting:


Burner Inspections.

Boiler Combustion Process Tuning.

Energy Assessments.

Infrared Survey for Heat Loss.

Operator Training.

Management Training.

Typical Stack Test

Sample Port

why its called a heat engine