About Us:

About Us:

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About Chuck:

US Naval Nuclear Power School.

US TVA SGPO program.

SGPO Instructor.

Advanced Operating Techniques Instructor.

All operating positions through Operations Manager of a 900 MW Supercritical Generating Unit.

Human Performance Program Champion.

Continued involvement post retirement (32yrs) with the Small Boiler Community. mostly with wood fired boilers all over the US. (but also TDF, coal, sludge, gas, and oil).

Fired my first boiler in 1970 with the US Navy, I

just turned 62. I'm just trying to make this Power Plant Stuff a little easier for the Small Boiler Operator, environmental or otherwise.

Charles R. Powell

​About us:

We are retired Electric Utility professionals who had lengthy careers with the United States Tennessee Valley Authority and independent energy consulting projects since retirement.

In our careers, dealing with environmental regulations meant we had access to a division of dedicated full time personnel  keeping the Agency in compliance with the constantly changing environmental regulations.

Small businesses using boilers to provide energy for manufacturing processes have come under the new Environmental Protection Agency  NESHAP (National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants) regulations and rarely have the funding for full time environmental personnel. Some involuntary volunteer usually gets assigned as the Site "Environmentally Responsible Person".

We are here to help assist you in preparing your site for complying with the new regulations. We only serve the small boiler community.

What if any of the new regulations affect your site?

If your not sure give us a call. 615-351-0911

Thanks to the miniaturization of test equipment we have the necessary portable scientific equipment to collect the data that meets EPA requirements. We continually invest in new and improved test equipment as it becomes available to improve our service.

Besides the Environmental side of things we deal with "All Things Powerhouse"; failure analysis, procedure writing, root cause analysis, combustion process improvement, pumps, valves, fans, boilers.

About us: